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The Blue Van

Would You Change Your Life? (CD)

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An insisting and sterling thoroughbred rock album by The Blue Van hits the streets at the end of September. “We have been on a long and cool journey, both physically as well as musically”, singer and guitarist, Steffen Westmark, says and continues: “The new album has required more of us, musically, than the four previous albums. It’s like we write these songs, which are ready to be unveiled, and all we can do is follow. Kind of like a stonemason. Our job is to cut away the unnecessary, leaving only the essential in the songs. In some places parts were cut away surgically, simply because they did not compliment the rest of the song. The missing parts were then “played forward” by joint efforts. The dogma rule for the recordings was for everybody to leave their ego at the door, cause inside the studio walls it was all about making the best possible music as a band”.

”Would You Change Your Life?” is an album imbued with the band’s creative energy and passion to explore new musical territories.

For the first time The Blue Van has recorded an album in Copenhagen. The STC Studios were chosen as the band wanted to optimize the recording process. Instead of isolating themselves somewhere and be in the studio 24/7, everyone had a wish to meet at 10 in the morning and go home at 8 in the evening. This for the simple reason to be able to evaluate the music objectively by stepping in and out of the process, keeping an open mind when listening to the songs, as it turns out it was a worthwhile decision.


1. Tightrope
2. Would You Change Your Life?
3. Hader Then A Diamond
4. Dreamers
5. Gospel Of Dust
6. Wake The Tiger
7. Weary Eyes
8. Thought You Liked Me
9. Zeroes
10. Live
11. Take What You Need
12. Stay
13. An Eagle Dropping An Elephant