TIGERSWAN is the story about the three childhood friends, Andreas, Stefan and Christopher, who has been writing and exploring their music together since 2015. A journey that has taken them through sessions in Japan, USA and Denmark. The goal has always been to write relatable songs, with stories that are easily recognizable the the listener, mix the genres and add catchy melodies and strong hooklines.


With two guitarists in the trio, you would think that the music was full of guitar solos, nice riffs and long poodle hair, but actually the trio has always looked for other elements to add first and base their sound on, and as one the last things in the process - add guitar - if needed. This is an approach that you can easily hear in many of their songs. The past years they’ve done a lot of work in the different studios, with different producers, to shape their sound and to this day, they’ve already had enough material for an debut album or two..


In 2018 they started releasing music through different distributors, where the ballad “Love Me (Like You Used To)” started the whole thing. The song hit New Music Friday Danmark, and hit the Denmark Viral 50 Chart as a top 25 song. The song was a melancholic ballad with piano, odd elements and a gospel choir. Actually the song doesn’t have a bass throughout the whole track. “That production was odd, because we twisted so many sound, in so many plugins, that it’s impossible to hear what it what, besides from the piano and vocals. And still it ended up sounding like it does, easy listning, though it’s weird playing guitar along to it today, and the song is written on guitar…!”, says guitarist Stefan.

After this the trio experimented a lot in the studio, working on what “Love Me (Like You Used To)” had started, and in the beginning of 2019 they released “Novocaine”, which went on and became a radio hit on the biggest radio channel in Denmark, as well as being titled “Hit Tip of The Week” in the week of release. A song that had roots in EDM and pop, and actually had guitar all the way through. Later an acoustic version was released, and together they have about 1.200.000 streams today.


Despite that TigerSwan is still relatively unknown, they’ve already played large festivals such as Langelandsfestival 2018, done warm up gigs for Carpark North, and the highlight so far - headlining Frederikssund Festival 2019 with big names such as Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Tina Dickow etc. Everything without having a booking label contract.

On stage they flank themselves with musicians with experience from big upcoming names, where the pop productions gets an extra layer of energy and rawness, which is possible to experience in their live session versions of “Novocaine” & “YoungWildReckless” and the music video for “YoungWildReckless” 

In 2020 the trio has released the song “Bad Bad Liar” and in June they expand with the new single “I Don’t Want To Let You Go”, as well as the conceptual mini album H/E/R. A personal mini album, that revolves around the trio’s experiences with the opposites sex, in good and bad ways, divided into two parts - the happy and the unhappy stories. H/E/R is expected to be released on September 4th.