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Mikkel Petterson

In the Pink (CD)

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Mikkel Petterson: In the Pink (CD)


  1. Four More Years                                                          1:57
  2. Tropical Moon Hotel                                                    3:09
  3. Walking Down The Street (Oh My Goodness!)            1:50
  4. Falling In Love                                                              2:08
  5. Fingertips                                                                     6:35
  6. Art On Your Side                                                          0:31              
  7. Long-Lost Lad                                                              2:53
  8. Gotta Be Young                                                            2:56
  9. Two Guys One Girl                                                        3:13              
  10. Colonel’s Last Charge                                                   3:21
  11. Rest Of The Crowd                                                       3:45
  12. Ev’ry Little Thing                                                           6:54


All song written by Mikkel Petterson (except ’Four More Years’ written by Petterson/Andersen). Published by Iceberg Publishing A/S.

(P) & © 2010 Iceberg Records A/S

Recorded at Ungdomsstudiet (engineer: Mads Andersen) and On Location Studio (engineer: Thomas Vang).

’Ev’ry Little Thing’ recorded at Sauna (engineer: Morten Bue)

Strings on ’Tropical Moon Hotel’, ’Gotta Be Young’, ’Fingertips’ and ’Colonel’s Last Charge’ recorded by Simon Brinkmann (plus harp on ’Fingertips’ and ’Tropical Moon Hotel’)

Brass section on Four More Years recorded by Thomas Brenneche.

Performed, produced, and mixed by Mikkel Petterson and Mads Andersen. (’Ev’ry Little Thing’ mixed by Morten Bue)

With the following guest musicians:

 Four More Years: Thomas Vang: bass; Thomas Christensen and Peter Christensen: cornet; André Jensen: trombone and tuba, Peter Bindslev: piccolo flute; Anne-Mette Kroner, Caroline Kroner, Rose Kroner and Christian Berg: backing vocals.

 Tropical Moon Hotel: Tue Lautrup: violin and viola; Johan Krarup: cello; Freja Søndergaard: harp; Peter Bindslev: flute; Marie Louise von Bülow and Rose Kroner: backing vocals.

 Walking Down The Street (Oh My Goodness!): Thomas Vang: bass; Christian Berg and Mads Mouritz: backing vocals and claps.

 Falling In Love: Thomas Vang: bass; Tue Lautrup: violin and viola; Peter Bindslev: flute.

 Fingertips: Jakob Falgren: bass; Claus Højensgård: trumpet and flugelhorn, Dianna Dønns: harmony vocal; Freja Søndergaard: harp; Johan Krarup: cello; Christian Berg and Mads Mouritz: backing vocals.

 Long-lost lad: Thomas Vang: bass.

 Gotta Be Young: Mads Reinhold: acoustic guitar; Tue Lautrup: violin and viola; Johan Krarup: cello.

 Colonel’s Last Charge: Tue Lautrup: violin and viola; Johan Krarup: cello; Claus Højensgård: trumpet and flugelhorn; Mads Mouritz: acoustic guitar and claps.

 Rest Of The Crowd: Thomas Vang: bass; Christian Berg: backing vocals.

 Ev’ry Little Thing: Anders Wallin: bass; Mads Reinhold: guitar; Marie Louise von Bülow: piano and backing vocals.