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Tim Schou


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Tim Schou is the danish 'music vagabond', who sold his apartment in 2014 and travelled around the world playing shows and writing songs - including the radio hits "Acapella" and "Where You Are". 

Now he's back home in Copenhagen after seven years of couch surfing, he has found himself on a personal and musical level, and he is bringing back his debut album.

The album is titled HERO/LOSER and has been long in the making - as Tim explains, It takes a long time to learn to play like yourself. With HERO/LOSER, and after 15 year in the music business, Tim finally feels he has found the true core of his musical expression:

A modern pop album, with an edge of singer-songwriter and americana, based on Tims seven years as a travelling musical vagabond 

Side A:

  1. The Tide
  2. Where You Are
  3. Comeback
  4. Wake Up
  5. Missing Person

 Side B:

  1. Holly
  2. Mad Love
  3. Hero/Loser
  4. Monsters Too
  5. 12 Steps
  6. Bury Me 

Listen to the album:

Produced by: Søren Christensen, Andreas Ringblom, Tim Schou
Artwork by: Nicole Kiki Jaffe, Uli Zarges
Master by: Alex Kloss
Pressed by: Musiccode

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Marketed and manufactured by Iceberg Records A/S