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Alice Sings

Alice sings: The Petterson Songbook #2 (CD)

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Alice Sings: The Petterson Songbook #2                                          

I Love Beginnings              2:20                                                                                          Holiday                               4:19                                          
Dear Boy                             3:19                                                          
The Goodnight Song          4:17                                                           
I Don't Want To Know         3:13                                                          
Girls Who Are Wrong          3:55                                                           
Better By Far                        3:40                                                           
You're Wonderful!                0:50                                                           
Little Terrorists                     2:42                                                
Mediterranean Night           3:19                                                           
Beethoven's Crush               4:10                                                                                        That Girl's In Love With You 3:50         

Words and music by Mikkel Petterson (except ”Beethovens’s Crush: Words by Mikkel Petterson and Alice Carreri/music by Mikkel Petterson)

Published by Iceberg Publishing A/S.

Produced by Mikkel Petterson and Mads Andersen

Alice Carreri: lead vocal, keyboards

Mikkel Petterson: keyboards, guitar, backing vocals

Mads Reinhold: guitar, backing vocals

Mads Andersen: drums, percussion, keyboards

Jeppe Højgaard: clarinet, keyboards, backing vocals

Andreas Møllerhøj: bass, backing vocals

 Mixed by Mads Andersen and Martine Madsen

 Mastered by Alex Kloos @ Timetools Mastering

 Recorded at The Village in Copenhagen (engineered by Thomas Vang) and at P1 in the Funkhaus in Berlin (engineered by Marco Birkner).

(P) & © 2011 Iceberg Records A/S