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H/E/R (LP)

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The first album from The Danish upcoming pop trio TIGER/SWAN is called H/E/R, and collects all the singles from the past two years, along with brand new material.

The songs are about love, sex and relationships for good or worse. Side A is dedicated to the bad experiences with crazy ex girlfriends, pathetic drinking spree and hook ups, whereas side B is celebrating the big exiting crushes and the true everlasting love. 

TIGERSWAN, made their first radio appearance in 2019 with “Novocaine” in rotation on the biggest radio station in Denmark as “Hit Tip of The Week”. After years of songwriting in USA, Japan and Denmark, having several songs on radio and TV and headlining some major Danish Festivals, the Trio has been spraying out singles that now form the conceptual album H/E/R.


  1. Novocaine
  2. I Don’t Want To Let You Go
  3. Young/ Wild/Reckless
  4. Love Me (Like You Used To)
  5. Novocaine (Live Session)


  1. Bad Bad Liar
  2. Beautiful
  3. You Got Style
  4. H/E/R
  5. Young/Wild/Reckless (Live Session)

Listen to the singles:

Artist: TigerSwan
Title: H/E/R
Cat.:  ICE LP 890
Label: Iceberg Records
Format: LP (12” vinyl)
Release: 04.09.2020
Style: Pop