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Dúné, multiple award winning and platinum selling four piece band from Denmark, are ready with their 3rd full-length "Wild Hearts". The genre is a mash up of energetic pop and rock, catchy melodies and electro elements.

The band is a spectacular live act. Their high-energetic shows are definitely worth experiencing! Despite their young age – yet, they are an experienced act with more than 400 live-shows already played in Scandinavia, Germany, UK, Japan, Russia, Benelux and the US and has successfully supported major international acts like Fall Out Boy, Foo Fighters, Muse, Panic! At The Disco.

"The third album is a milestone and we know we need to come up with something mind blowing...” says lead singer Matt Kolstrup.


Side A 
1. Remember Valentina (It Takes Will) 
2. Wanted Out 
3. Last Soldiers 
4. The Sun Over Green Hills 
5. Hell No 
6. Renegade

Side B 
7. All That I Have 
8. Block Star 
9. Save Your Fears For Tomorrow 
10. The Eyes Of The World 
11. Reach For The Stars