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Ring Them Bells

Things That Come Slow (LP)

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You may already heard the two radio singles "My Favorite Gun" or "Ringo" blasting from the rockstations. Now you can order the entire third LP by Ring Them Bells.


The Danish noise rockers RING THEM BELLS are back with a more groovy, impertinent and catchy expression than ever before. Think Primal Scream, Ride and My Bloody Valentine meets the Rolling Stones, The Stooges and The Byrds. The explosive energy is intact, but now with a more prominent place for strong hooks and choruses in the massive wall of sound.

On Things That Come Slow the energy is focused in a short and tightly composition, where agile vocal harmonies weaves together on the top of a groovy beat with Indian percussion, psychedelic 60’ies pop sounds and an explosive guitar-driven chorus. What seems to be untamed and chaotic, nicely comes together in a danceable song with hooks. The force of RING THEM BELLS is that something magic and dangerous happens, when it all seems like it’s about to fall apart.



  1. The Eternal Guest
  2. Favorite Gun
  3. You Don’t Have To Go
  4. The Associates
  5. I’m Not Really There


  1. Space Time
  2. Ringo (Album Version)
  3. 12 Wild Horses
  4. We Could Slide
  5. Sleepwalker

GAFFA, 4 of 6 stars | »With its ten tracks the album is delivering alternative rock with an undeniably 60ies 70ies vibe, in which reverb and vocal harmonies takes the pride of place. Things That Come Slow is overall well proportioned and well put together, where the songs are allowed to shine through while the noise is sounding in the background«

ELLE Denmark, album of the month | »The psychedelic 1960ies vibes lures beneath a dirty and noise-rocky surface, and fans of My Bloody Valentine, The Raveonettes, Slowdive and Serena Maneesh will most likely enjoy to swing their leather-dressed hips  to the sound of Things That Come Slow«