Twins of June releases new touching single "Stay"

Twins of June releases new touching single "Stay"


The twin duo from Southern Denmark, Jesper and Jonas Trumm, known as Twins of June, continues their impressive musical journey with the upcoming single "Stay," set to be released on February 9, 2024, under Iceberg Records.

On their new single, the duo takes their listeners on a melancholic retrospective journey, drawing inspiration and references from their previous successful singer-songwriter tracks. The sound is characterized by a minimalist and acoustic expression, crafted in collaboration with producer Jesper Holm Højholdt. The lyrics describe and revolve around the desperate emotions that arise at the end of a relationship, portraying the end of a shared journey that one wishes not to conclude.

"Stay has been tucked away for 3 years now, and we feel it's time to tell this story. It's a narrative that needs to be shared." - Jonas Trumm Asmussen

With musical influences from bands like Passenger, Foy Vance, and Ed Sheeran, Twins of June guide listeners back to their earlier melancholic expressions. The track culminates in an explosion of emotions, inviting the listener to immerse themselves and reflect on the nuances of life.

Twins of June have already made a mark with an impressive +3,000,000 streams on Spotify. Their past tours in Germany, Norway, and Denmark, supporting artists such as Nicklas Sahl (DK), Rasmus Hagen (SE), and Mathilde Falch (DK), have solidified their position as a well-established live act.

 "Stay" will be released on February 9, 2024, on Iceberg Records.

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