Nice Little Penguins are back with an irresistibly catchy new tune

Nice Little Penguins are back with an irresistibly catchy new tune

90s hitmakers Nice Little Penguins haven't forgotten how to put together a catchy pop song. They prove it with their latest single ‘I Miss You’, where the band relaunches themselves with an updated sound that harks back to their 1990s heyday and shows that Nice Little Penguins also have the ambition and talent to attract a new audience.

Since Nice Little Penguins hit it big in the early 90s with 'Rain Keeps On Falling', the trio has released a total of eight studio albums. Including the platinum-selling ‘Flying’, from which the title track has long since achieved evergreen status - both in their home country Denmark and abroad.

Apart from a break around the turn of the millennium, Nice Little Penguins have been active in the recording studio and on stage throughout the years. In 2018, the trio embarked on their biggest tour since their inception, visiting more than 50 Danish cities. The following year, they celebrated the 25th anniversary of ‘Flying’ with another string of concerts. The many live performances have given the band an energy boost, and now the penguins are ready to relaunch themselves on a larger scale.

"We live and breathe music, and there's nothing better than writing and recording songs and getting out there and playing them live in front of a real audience," says guitarist and songwriter Michael Kolster. "We hope that the audience will respond well to the new single and there is much more to come from us in a near future. Our ambition is to revitalise the Nice Little Penguins name with songs that can spread joy and establish a sense of togetherness and optimism. Now more than ever is the time to rally around something that can bring light in the darkness, and we want to help do that in whatever way we can."

The new single ‘I Miss You’ is produced by the band themselves and will be available on all digital platforms from Friday, August 18, 2023.
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