Danish psych-rockers Ring Them Bells release a quivering rock anthem that invites the listener into a fragile space and end in a dirty discharge of energy.
Ring Them Bells release their new single: the intense rock anthem, ‘My Lord’, which moves from the inAmate to the explosive. The band has had five singles in high rotaAon on Danish naAonal radio (DR P6 Beat) and several five starred live reviews lately and will be releasing their coming album in March
2023. ‘My Lord’ features guest performances from well renowned Danish indie arAsts: Camilla Munck, Solrun SLg-Bjørnø (Hand In Shadow) og Jakob Brixen (Mechanical Bird, Kloster, Children m.fl.) all join in on vocals. Like the rest of the band’s new material, the song is mastered by Simon ScoR of BriAsh
shoegaze legends, Slowdive.

'My Lord' encapsulates much of what the band explores on their upcoming record: namely, a thrilling movement between quiet, fragile spaces and uncompromising, dirty energy explosions. All made with an open approach, where other artists are also invited.
From the song's completely fragile verses to its final, massive climax with dust, noise, pedal steel and a repeated, catchy chorus, the band searches for a lost meaning right from the song’s opening line:

“If the masterplan is gone / And everybody got it wrong”.

Listen here: https://rtb.lnk.to/lord 

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