FERN EP Release, May 26, 2023.

FERN EP Release, May 26, 2023.

FERN’s debut EP, “Like They All Saw It Coming,” takes us on an emotional journey through the many facets of love and life. With strong pop melodies and a vulnerable lyrical universe navigating the ebbs and flows of love, FERN proves to be a solid songwriter and producer. Throughout the EP’s six songs, FERN brings feelings to the forefront.

On the lead single, “Monophobia,” we are drawn in from the first deep breath into an intimate tale of the fear of loneliness. The contrast between the subdued verses and the grandiose, heavily distorted chorus that almost sounds like a desperate plea, explores the paradox of silence and noise. The song “Someone To Call Home” is a metaphorical portrayal of the search for one’s other half. Honouring their love for film music, FERN makes room for an extended instrumental passage in the middle of the song, which eventually melds into a grand, almost symphonic orchestral sound.

FERN says, “I still feel like I’m in the process of finding my musical identity, and on this EP, I wanted to explore different genres and sounds, and not be limited by a specific direction. But I think what might be the common thread is that despite grief and pain, there is still a glimmer of hope in all the songs. For example, “Surrender” reflects on a manipulative and destructive relationship from my past, where I went from happiness and euphoria to anxiety and sorrow, and actually lost touch with myself. But it’s also a strong reminder to myself and others that it is possible to rediscover strength and regain control over yourself.”


The EP demonstrates great versatility, and it’s evident that FERN is still exploring their musical signature. But it’s precisely the courage and creativity emanating from this debut EP that makes it so exciting. It’s a mixtape of songs that show potential and talent and leave the listener with a feeling that FERN is only just getting started. All the songs were recorded, produced, and mixed at The Yellow Studio in Nørrebro together with Morten Lundsgaard (Baal) and Lars Christian Kortholm (Sticks n fire). The debut EP “Like They All Saw It Coming” will be released on May 26

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