EMI WIDE sets the spring ablaze with electrifying single 'Can’t get my'

EMI WIDE sets the spring ablaze with electrifying single 'Can’t get my'

EMI WIDE, the rising star of the Danish and international music scene, is back with a sizzling new single that is bound to set the dance floors on fire. Following the success of her previous releases, EMI WIDE continues her self-empowering journey with the release of 'Can’t get my', a collaboration with Danish producer David Rosing-Schow (Collider Scope Collective). In 'Can’t get my', EMI WIDE delivers a tantalizing blend of pulsating drums, infectious club vibes, and captivating vocals that will keep listeners hooked from start to finish. The track is a playful exploration of modern dating life, delving into the complexities of romantic relationships and the desire for independence. With its catchy melodies and relatable lyrics, 'Can’t get my' offers a refreshing take on love, vulnerability, and the pursuit of freedom.

EMI WIDE: “I call myself out in the song, admitting that I talk negatively about love but still get caught up in it.” Reflecting on the inspiration behind the single, EMI WIDE shares, "'Can’t get my' dives into the struggle of feeling smothered by a romantic partner and not being ready for commitment. It's about wanting closeness but also needing space. The lyrics are playful and self-ironic, capturing the mixed feelings and sudden urges that come with overwhelming intimacy. Like ‘Ten minutes ago, I was lying in your arms, now I'm running out your door like there’s a fire in your house'”.

Sound development and live performance Latest singles 'not about you’ and ‘Nowhere to Run' was well received and achieved fine playlist placements on both Apple Music and Spotify. After a great reception of her debut EP, 'Girl Is Gone,' released in the fall of 2022, with songs getting attention on P3 and P4, EMI WIDE has continued to develop her sound. At the end of 2022, she played her first headlining gig at Ideal Bar in VEGA, CPH and was subsequently booked for a series of festival appearances in 2023. EMI WIDE is developing rapidly and is expected to appear on various stages during 2024.

International creative journey It's no secret that EMI WIDE dreams of an international career and therefore has a strong focus on establishing herself both in Denmark and abroad. She has been signed to an international management and over the past year dedicated her time to writing and producing new music abroad. This international creative journey is far from over and more writing trips are planned in the coming months to countries such as South Africa, Germany and England.

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