EMI WIDE (formerly WIDE) is ready with a brand new name and sound for her new single 'hate u'.

EMI WIDE (formerly WIDE) is ready with a brand new name and sound for her new single 'hate u'.

After almost a year's hiatus, Copenhagen based EMI WIDE (formerly WIDE) is now ready with her brand new single 'hate u', introducing not only a new sound, but also a new identity.

With a pop/ punk princess energy inspired by the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and Upsahl, EMI WIDE sings about having her heart broken into a thousand pieces while trying to maintain the perfect facade:

 "I tell all my friends I'm over you. And I don't give a damn about the things you do. So they think I'm feeling fine about that you're no longer mine, but I die every time someone wears your perfume".

 In a time when dating and heartbreak can feel more complicated than ever, EMI WIDE's 'hate u' highlights how our constant striving to show happiness and success on social media can make it even harder to manage our emotions. 'Hate u' is a breakup anthem for all those who are left with a broken heart and a burning desire to get over their ex, while desperately keeping up with their former partner's life on social media; "While I'm in my PJ's with ice cream in bed, you're taking shots and got zero regrets. I wanna hate you."

Created in collaboration with German Platinum and Gold-winning songwriter Linda Stark and produced by Kim Johansen (Iva Queendom, Kedde, etc.) in Berlin in May 2023, the song is one of her most honest and personal songs, according to EMI WIDE. "The whole process behind the song has been hugely liberating and incredibly therapeutic. I think I stood there for an hour shouting "I wanna hate you" into the microphone. And it actually felt quite liberating.”

EMI WIDE, whose real name is Emilie Kokholm, has previously had airplay on several of the National Danish radio stations, been Kanon of the Month on P3, featured twice on P3's Upcoming List in 2022 and been a guest on WeekendMorgen with Anders Ugilt. She recently recorded backing vocals on the legendary group ‘Suspekt’'s single "Pariz", and is now focusing on her own project in Denmark and internationally. After performing at SPOT Festival 2023, she has spent most of the summer abroad writing and producing new music with foreign producers and songwriters.

”hate u” releases September 29th, 2023

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