Club and House Remix EP of "Ashes" by Tim Schou

Club and House Remix EP of "Ashes" by Tim Schou


Iceberg records is thrilled to present a captivating remix EP for the sensational track "Ashes" by the talented artist Tim Schou. This EP features five unique and mesmerizing renditions of the original single, each crafted with passion and artistry by a lineup of esteemed producers. The "Ashes – Alt. versions” EP brings together a diverse range of musical styles, showcasing the immense creativity and versatility of these five producers, all of whom have garnered widespread acclaim for their previous works.

The EP includes the following remixes:

"Ashes - Dusk" by Sofus Wiene: This enchanting remix by Sofus Wiene, a danish producer and rising star in the electronic music scene, sets a captivating mood, enveloping listeners in a dreamscape of catchy melodies and beats. The Danish producer has a unique ability to infuse his tracks with festive elements, creating an immersive experience for his audience.

"Ashes - Midnight" by Victor K : A Danish producer influenced by the minimalistic industrial grooves of Berlin tech house and the no nonsense beats and sounds of UK house, takes

a different turn with his remix of "Ashes." Exploring the haunting aspects of the night, he skillfully infuses powerful basslines and haunting synth work, creating an atmosphere that captivates and intrigues.

"Ashes - Dawn" by Phil Soda: German producer and DJ Phil Soda with 2,1 million followers on TikTok, delivers a remix that bursts with radiant energy as it welcomes the dawn with a blend of uplifting rhythms and euphoric drops. His signature style elevates the emotional impact of the original song, making it a true dancefloor anthem.

"Ashes - Sunrise" by Loyalties: Loyalties, an American duo with a flair for emotive and ambient soundscapes, paints a musical portrait of a serene sunrise with their remix. The producer's ability to craft captivating soundscapes and delicate arrangements perfectly complements the heartfelt essence of "Ashes," evoking a sense of hope and renewal.

"Ashes - Acoustic" by Tim Schou: The EP also features an acoustic version of the single "Ashes," personally reimagined by Tim Schou himself. With nothing but a crisp guitar and stripped down to its bare essentials, this raw and soulful rendition showcases Tim's captivating vocals, highlighting the song's lyrical depth and heartfelt emotion.

The producers behind each remix have passionately infused their distinct musical prowess, adding new dimensions to the heartfelt lyrics and soulful melody of "Ashes." From the mesmerizing atmosphere of "Dusk" to the uplifting energy of "Sunrise," this EP is a testament to the power of artistic collaboration.

The "Ashes" – Alt. versions releases September 1st.

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