New EP from Postyr

New EP from Postyr


 About the road we walk  together as human beings – and the footprints we leave in each other’s hearts.

 The world around us today is characterized by more uncertainty than it has been for many years. It can be difficult to find your way in life – to make sense of it all.
We all need other people we can lean on, other people we can look up to – in order to become the person we want be.

 The vocal group, Postyr has written five songs about the search for purpose in life – about the desire to find home within oneself and together with the right people. This quest sometimes ends up in Broken Parts. But as the lyrics of the song with this same title says – it’s a chance you have to take:

 “I’d rather love and get burned

than never have fire in my heart

You’re a bittersweet lesson learned,

you hold the pieces of my broken parts.”

 Other times in life you manage to find home because of a person you love – as in the song, With You:

 “You made me who I am

And now I understand

that I’m a better man – with you!”

 In the course of a lifetime we meet people who make a big impression – and leave themselves like deep footprints in us.
And when you love, you also face the risk of losing – that is the basic condition of love. But even if it’s vulnerable, we have to open our hearts and ourselves to love. Cause is it really worth living, if we don’t share our lives with people we love?

The lyrics of Dybe Fodspor goes (translated):

I remember what you told me:

Love is the greatest of all.

And your heart will open up

If you dare to just be yourself

Every step of the way

You have left deep footprints in me.”

Postyr is a singing collective, where each of the 5 singers appears as a soloist in different songs. The group manipulates the voices of the 5 singers into a new kind of electronic pop music with the human voice as the only instrument. They call this genre E Cappella - electronic sample song. Using different effects, the soft voices become heavy beats and synth sounds that are mixed with the voices and empathetic lead vocals.

Postyr are frontrunners in this new a cappella genre, which has gained great international attention among the countless choir singers around the world. Postyr's former singles ‘Broken Parts’ and ‘Anybody Else But Me’  were nominated and has won several awards among others an A Cappella Video Award and Contemporary Acappella Recording Award, here among the main award for Best Video By A Professional Group, where Postyr was up against big coryphaeus like the grammy-winning Swingle Singers.

POSTYR has toured the world for the past 11 years and garnered international acclaim for their distinctive and evocative sound, combining 5 captivating singing voices with electronic elements and heartfelt songwriting. POSTYR consists of 5 singers, 1 laptop, a series of sound-controlled lights and electronics, and has emerged from a desire and an ambition to renew and develop modern vocal music through newly-composed music written especially for this ensemble type.

POSTYR's live performances and recordings are something unprecedented in the international music scene, which is underlined by the fact that the group's album "Paper Tiger" received the prestigious American music award CARA-award (Contemporary Acappella Recording Award) for "Best European A Cappella Album 2016" and an AVA (Acappella Video Award) -award for "Best Jazz Video Worldwide 2017" and runner up for the main category “Best Video by A Professional Group World Wide 2021” and that the group has been "runner-up" right after the Grammy-winning a cappella group Pentatonix in the CARA award categories "Best Live Act" and "Best Pop Album".

Footprints published on November 18th 2022.

The titles on ’Footprints’ are

No Home Without You
Anybody Else but Me
Broken Parts
With You
Dybe Fodspor

The music is written by the singers in Postyr.
Produced by Morten Vinther with Postyr and mastered by Brian Mørk Hansen.

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