Chasing the unknow

Chasing the unknow

The twin brothers, Twins of June, Jesper and Jonas Trumm from Southern Jutland, follow up on their recent successful releases "Fake Crown" and "Favorite Person" with the single "Follow You", which is produced and co-written by Sofus Wiene.
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With "Follow You" the sound from their early releases merges with a more electronic, pop sound, resulting in a punchy, electronic pop song. With musical inspiration from bands such as Passenger, Foy Vance, Ed Sheeran, Twenty-One Pilots and Avicii, Twins of June explore different sounds and universes, where Spanish guitar riffs are mixed with popped drum samples and synthesizers which create the perfect soundtrack for your next night out.
"Follow You" is written at the beginning of 2022 and is about meeting new people, daring to chase the unknow, being in the moment and pushing through to new boundaries. But most of all, "Follow You" is about surrendering to another person and being together on the journey. "
– Jonas Trumm, Twins of June

With +2,500,000 streams on Spotify, the Twins embarked on a promising music career with several releases at the top of the charts. With tours in Germany and Denmark, supporting Nicklas Sahl (DK), Rasmus Hagen (SE) and Mathilde Falch (DK), the Twins of June are (according to their statement) just getting started.
”Follow You” releases January 13th 2023 on Iceberg Records

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Det kunne da godt ligne han var lidt presset ham den nederste, men hvilket billede og hvilken SANG! Hvert et sekund værd!

Jesper Trumm Asmussen

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