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Paper Tiger (CD)

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The Danish vocal group POSTYR gives vocal music a facelift with their 4 voices, 1 computer and catchy melodies. The group has become known worldwide for their characteristic and evocative sound, combining 4 gripping voices with sampled beats and heartfelt songwriting, also making POSTYR’s live performances unprecedented in the international music landscape.

The Asian paper tiger
The group is now ready with their third album, ”Paper Tiger”. Inspirations for the songs on the album are inputs from life on the road, the loneliness of being away from home, the joy of feeling free, courage to put aside all fear and most importantly – to live out your dreams. Text and music for “Paper Tiger” are written and composed in hotel rooms, at airports and during pitstops home at the piano over the past 2 years to capture the dynamics of tour life.

The band was inspired to the album title during a tour in Taiwan, where they first became acquainted with the Asian tiger. The story behind the album title is based on an ancient Chinese legend about a scary tiger, which up close turns out to be quite harmless and only made of paper, so light and fragile that a breath of wind could make it fly away. This theme is spread out to the other songs on the album, each in its own way describing a fear, an escape, a fight, a standstill and a longing for something else, mediated by the group’s naked voices, twisted virtually around in the computer’s bits and bytes.

Paper Tiger contains both the fragile and delicate expressions in songs like “Home” and “Constance” as well as a more pop expression - in the word’s most positive sense - in songs like “Up For Air”, “Travel the World” and “We Don’t Wanna Breathe”. With the tracks “Strive To Fly (Little Wing)” and “Talk” POSTYR shows beyond any doubt that they know their craft, while strongly emphasizing that they are indeed a modern a cappella group.

1. We Don’t Wanne Breathe
2. Up For Air
3. Paper Tiger
4. Interluide
5. Travel The World
6. Dance With Me Now
7. Strive To Aly (Little Wing)
8. Home
9. Though The Rain
10. Talk
11. Constance