Dying For A Change (LP)
Dying For A Change (LP)
White Dominos

Dying For A Change (LP)

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"Dying For A Change" is the first publication on disc from White Dominos since Autumn 2015, the tracks being the result of many months of songwriting, arranging and studio production. White Dominos have been working on developing their own sound and experimenting with artistic form, and Dying For A Change is the result.

A more voluminous sound universe and an even more melodious approach to songwriting creates a warm waffle of Rock with Pop sprinkles, for which White Dominos have a seemingly insatiable appetite. The songs are written with focus on emotions, those to which everyone can relate. Mostly about heartbreak of some kind, but also stagnation, longing and anger. The songwriting and production is carried out will the skilled support of Søren Zahle and Mads Tønder from Thunder & Lightning music.

1. Heartbeats
2. Everybody’s Watching
3. Dying For A Change

1. Fall Down
2. Pyramid

EP | 12" | White Vinyl | 45 rpm | 180g

The record is mastered by Kasper Westeraa and pressed by RPM Records in finest quality. Artwork and logo is provided by Dorte Holst and Louis Lynge.

Code Elektro is a critically acclaimed electronic synthwave artist from Denmark.

The music is characterized by the use of analog and digital synths - arpeggiators and sound design. It could sound like something from a modern Blade Runner, Stranger Things or TRON.

Similar artist could be Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre, Survive, Vangelis, Carpenter Brut etc.


All the Code Elektro records have been very well received by critics and audiences worldwide - and all were nominated for a GAFFA AWARD for Best Danish Electronic Release (2015, 2016 ad 2017). The Danish Music magazine, GAFFA, gave the latest album 5 out of 6 stars and called it: “World Class Synthwave from Denmark”.




- Superstrings (2015)

- WOLF (2016)

- TRIADS (2017)

- Never Mind the Solar Wind (2019)


You can stream Code Elektro here



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